Rev. Baiju Pappachan

Currently our Vicar of The Marthoma Congregation JP Nagar Bangalore.

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 On behalf the  Mar Thoma Congregation J P Nagar, Bangalore, We welcome you to our congregation website and hope this site will be helpful to you as you take closer look for the better understanding of the congregation activities.

What is Church? The word  ‘Church’ is derived from the  Greek word ‘Ecclesia’ which means called out. Church is a called out community. The Church and its followers are called out to be a living sacrament in the society. As Bridget Willard said “Church is what you do, Church is who you are, Church is the human networking of the persons of Jesus Christ”.The primary essence for the each member of the church is to live a life worthy of the call in order to reach their own first, and in turn impact the world around them. Then can only our families be saved, our communities put back together, our nations healed  and our world impacted by the Gospel of  Jesus Christ. Society begins in the homes of each individual member of our church. It is interesting that in the Gospel of St. Luke,  in the summary of the great commission,  the call is to preach the Gospel to all nations, however, it also commands begin in Jerusalem first. In other words, commission begins at home. Keeping in minds that society is the reflection of homes they proceeded from. Our society today has suffered the effects caused by the destruction of family values and the moral teachings. It has spread like a disease throughout our communities, influencing and determining the world view points of many, including the future leaders of our society, our youths and children. So, let us daily open the doors of our hearts to those around us so that they may see the change in us brought about by the love of Jesus Christ being abundant in our lives. This has to be the role of the church in this era. When we witness Christ, he becomes our transformed presence to ignite the spirit of renewal and witness in the society through the church.

May the God Almighty enable us to witness Him as the channels of love and peace where we live in our individual and social spaces.  Amen


Rev. BaijuPappachan

Vicar, MT Congregation, JP Nagar